COVID-19 Update:

Hi Outdoor Folks, 

Outdoor frosh leaders here! We hope that you are all doing okay and taking care of yourselves in these challenging times. We wanted to give everyone a little update as to how outdoor frosh might look this year and what we are working on. We imagine that many of you are eager to meet your fellow lover’s of the outdoors, and our mission to make that happen in a meaningful way remains unchanged. This year, our frosh will not be able to happen the way it has in previous years: overnight trips into parks and outdoor spaces around Montreal. However, we are brainstorming possibilities of online alternatives (we know that sounds oxymoronic but we’re really trying) as well as potentially a couple of days of outdoor activities within Montreal. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you’d like to share with us, please feel free! You can always shoot us a message on our Facebook page. As we plan, we will strive to make all of our activities as accessible, engaging and fun as possible, while also closely following health and safety guidelines from McGill and local health officials. In the meantime, take care, get outside if possible and STAY TUNED!


McGill Outdoors Frosh is an alternative frosh option running from August 26th to September 1st for those wishing to explore the wilderness surrounding Montreal. There are 6 activity options: Canoe, Whitewater Kayak, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, and Camping. Each option has a different location and focuses around their outdoor activity, and every option includes an overnight trip that takes you outside Montreal to the wilderness of Quebec. All options except Whitewater Kayak (which requires a strong swimming ability) and Mountain Biking (which requires that you are comfortable on a bike) are beginner-friendly and all are about having fun outside and making connections to start off your university life.

Before each Frosh option froshies will participate in three days of “In the City” activities. These involve races throughout Montreal, apartment crawls, movie screenings, and many other surprises!


Outdoors Frosh is committed to supporting new McGill students who want to increase their outdoor involvement through the provision of unique adventure opportunities guided by outgoing, inclusive, and safety-orientated leaders, with a focus on engagement, development, and environmental stewardship.


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