Have you ever asked yourself, what’s the deal with houses? Why not just carry around everything you need on your back? And while you’re at it, visit stunning peaks and pristine lakes? If this sounds like you, you’re in luck because this year hiking frosh will be your dream come true. Three days of exploring the northern Quebec wilderness on foot. The trip accommodates all levels of hikers, even first-timers. Come treat yourself to an adventure nourished by food that (arguably) merits a Michelin star and reap the rewards of swimming in crystal clear lakes after a fantastic day of hiking! Looking forward to hanging out with y’all!

2019 Coords



Outdoor nickname Dino or Lil

Program U1 Arts, studying anthropology & earth and planetary science


I’ve backpacked along Lake Superior, the Oregon coast, Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, and in California, but my favorite backpacking trip I’ve been on was a three-week adventure in southern Utah, one of the most beautiful (and hot, and dusty) landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Where do you call home?

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

What are you most excited for about your option?

Getting to talk about my McGill experience so far, and playing word games on the trail!

If you could be any body of water, what would you be?


Favourite camping meal 

Fry bread with butter and sugar on top

Fun fact!

My favorite thing to do with my free time is make watercolor paintings of rocks, fossils, plants, and birds to give to friends. I’ve been into painting for as long as I can remember!


2019 Leaders


Trail Name – I don’t have a trail name yet! At camp when I was younger I was called Pickles for a bit though.

Degree – U4 Science, Physiology


I did not do much hiking growing up (because I am from the flat state of New Jersey) but two summers ago I spent part of my time becoming a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician in New Hampshire. On the weekends, we hiked around the White Mountains in between volunteer shifts at the local Emergency Room. Since then, I have tried to get outside more which has included a road trip to Colorado for the Rocky Mountains and being a Hiking Frosh leader this past year.

What song describes your soul?

Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

If you could be any kind of tree, which one would you be and why?

If I could be any kind of tree, I would be a palm tree. This is because palm trees are flexible and fun. I would get to spend my days swaying on some beautiful beach and being photographed by tourists.

Voted most likely to….

always have a complete first aid kit ready


My first fun fact is that I teach pole dancing at a pole studio here in Montreal! I have been taking classes for 3 years and absolutely love it. Another fun little piece of trivia is that the summer after 8th grade I had an allergic reaction to the sun that lasted for the whole summer. I now am really good about wearing sunscreen. Final fun fact: I can ride a unicycle.


Trail Name – Cactus

Degree – Earth Systems, Faculty of Science


Luckily, California has “real” mountains (and “real” cacti for that matter, how fun!), so I run away into the great outdoors with any chance that I can get! Last summer I backpacked parts of the PCT and JMT, got to Mt. Whitney, and visited hot springs. Looking forward to more adventures this summer and in the coming year!

What song describes your soul?

Nobody by Mitski

If you could be any kind of tree, which one would you be and why?

Jeffrey Pine! They smell like vanilla and butterscotch and are super fun to hug!

Voted most likely to….

Recycle while listening to sad music.


I volunteer at a donkey sanctuary whenever I visit my uncle in Cyprus

I haven’t brushed my hair in over a year (no dreads yet)

I can make my own kombucha, hard cider, and ginger beer (granola much? possibly…)


Trail Name – Shu

Degree – U3 Mechanical Engineering


I am currently working my way to hiking all 46 high peaks in New York. I love hiking mountains as you’re forced to snack the whole time to keep your energy up.

What song describes your soul?

shut up and dance

If you could be any kind of tree, which one would you be and why?

a mangrove tree! They basically have to be in the ocean to live

Voted most likely to….

lose my passport


I dyed my hair red because I lost a bet

I shaved my eyebrow because I lost odds

I’m very good at losing