Whitewater Kayaking


If you like roller coasters, and you like staying hydrated, this event might just be for you because it combines the two in the best way there is. Whitewater Kayaking. Enjoy the best of nature’s exhilaration while gulping down copious amounts of water in the company of the people who might just grow to be some of your closest friends. There really isn’t excitement like this, and you will almost certainly be yearning for the ice to melt so that once more, you can engage in the one activity everyone thinks is both cool and insane. Because that’s what whitewater kayaking is. That’s why we love it. And that’s why you’ll love it too. Due to the risk inherent to the activity, we ask all those interested to be comfortable in water and very strong swimmers.

Whitewater Kayak Frosh kicks off with two pool sessions during the pre-frosh period where we will teach you the essential skills of T-rescues and paddle rolls, and maybe even play some kayak polo! On Saturday morning we will depart for the whitewater training ground of Parc D’eau Vive de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to practice our skills on moving water and learn some important safety skills. We will camp at the Rivière Rouge for the night, where we will continue to build out skills on beginner-friendly class II and III rapids.

Packing List

Sleeping bag – available to rent from the MOC for $3
Sleeping mat – available to rent from the MOC for $1
A towel, or multiple
FLEECE and other non-synthetic materials that you are ok with wearing in the water
Wetsuit and dry top (if you have them, if not we will give you a wetsuit)
A pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet that will stay on your feet in moving water (NO crocs or flip flops)
Long sleeved clothing for evenings around the campfire
Socks and underwear
A pair of comfortable walking shoes
Rain jacket and rain pants (if you don’t have these, trash bags work ok)
Backpack large enough to fit all of your belongings
Pocket knife
Tupperware kit (The Clamshells from Rez work really well!)
Eating utensils
Bug spray
Water bottle
Plastic bags for wet clothes

2018 Coord

Navoneel Chakraborty

Ever wonder what a puppy in human form looked like? Don’t worry, me too.




2018 Leaders

Jean-Pierre Clement

From motorcycles to kayaks, if it can be ridden, it shall be rode. For I looked upon the world and it was mine to ride.


Hannah Burr

Never quite sure if her line is intentional, but always makes it down in one piece.






Alice Bouchard

Permanent mom friend, part time scientist, full time party.







Sam Dalton

Dario Argento’s spiritual successor. ‘Nuff said.





Scott Bell

When I’m not drowning in work, I like to be drowning in water!





Katie Fink

Part time student, full time adventure nut.







Mathew Plouffe

Some say I have the charm of a potato, but what is a potato if not unfulfilled dreams? Within me lie your greatest loves and comforts. It is, after all, from the humble potato that we receive bountiful harvests such as poutine, fries, and weird postal stories.